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(Genevieve, Sr graduating with a Major in Animal Science and a Minor in Equine Science)

Good Luck in Vet School!!!!



It feels like just yesterday you were a nervous kid, fresh out of your parents Safe and Secure Nest. Scared of the big mysterious world happening on around you feeling like everyone is looking at you like the new kid on the block. It is here in this big scary beginning that you will meet your soon to be lifelong friends and make more memories then you can count, good and bad. They call this experience, growing up, making a life for you, it’s called COLLEGE. Over the past 4 years you have obtained a higher level of knowledge and understanding for the world and the Opportunities waiting for you.

Good Luck





(Sydney, Sr graduating with a Major in Animal Science and a Minor in Equine Science, Business Option)

Good Luck Girl!!!! 

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PQHA Mid Summer Madness





Hey Everyone!!!!

So this past week was the PQHA Mid-Summer Madness, what a blast. This show we worked our butts off trying to cover all the classes as well as fitting in individual photoshoots. This show was the 3rd show that AE Photography and Ali Grusha Photography have teamed up to tackle all the photography needs. We experienced some rain, the flooding of our tent and sloppy outdoor arena  made the show slightly challenging at certain points but it’s all part of the horse show life. Getting to interact with customers and the horse show families are what make it all worth it. Seeing the excitement in their eyes when they see their favorite moments captured in time makes the long, hot, tiring hours is what keeps us coming back.

Hope to see everyone in September at the PQHA Nittany Classic


Thank you






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