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52. Nov Am Showmanship53. Select Showmanship54. Amateur Showmanship55. Nov Youth Showmanship56. 13 & Under Showmanship57. 14-18 Showmanship58. EWD Showmanship59. Smallfry Showmanship60. Amateur Performance Mares61. Youth Performance Mares62. Open Performance Mares63. Amateur Performance Geldings64. Youth Performance Geldings65. Open Performance Geldings81. Amateur 2 Year Old Geldings82. Amateur 3 Year Old Geldings83. Amateur Aged Geldings84-85. Grand and Reserve Amateur Geldings87. Youth 2 Year Old Geldings89. Youth Aged Geldings90-91. Grand and Reserve Youth Geldings93.. Open 2 Year Old Geldings94. Open 3 Year Old Geldings95. Open Aged Geldings96-97. Grand and Reserve Open Geldings98. Amateur Yearling Mares100. Amateur 3 Year Old Mares101. Amateur Aged Mares102-103. Grand and Reserve Amateur Mares106. Youth 3 Year Old Mares107. Youth Aged Mares108-109. Grand and Reserve Youth Mares110. Open Yearling Mares113. Open Aged Mares114-115. Grand and Reserve Open Mares120. Small Fry HUS121. Small Fry Equitation122. Jr HUS123. Nov Amateur HUS124. Select HUS125. Amateur HUS126. Green HUS127. Nov Youth HUS128. 13 & Under HUS129. 14-18 HUS130. SR HUS131. Nov Am Equitation132. Select Equitation133. Amateur Equitation134. Nov Youth Equitation135. 13 & Under Equitation136. 14-18 Equitation