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52. Novice Amatuer Showmanship53. Select Showmanship54. Amateur Showmanship55. Novice Youth Showmanship56. 13 and Under Showmanship57. 14-18 Showmanship58. EWD Showmanship59. Small Fry Showmanship60. Amateur Performance Mares61. Youth Performance Mares63. Amateur Performance Geldings64. Youth Performance Geldings65. Performance Geldings80. Amateur Yearling Geldings82. Amateur Three Year Old Geldings83. Aged Aged Geldings84-85. Grand and Reserve Amateur Geldings88. Youth Three Year Old Geldings89. Youth Aged Geldings92. Yearling Gelding (205. Yearling Gelding Futurity)94. Three Year Old Geldings95. Aged Geldings100. Amateur Three Year Old Mares101. Amateur Aged Mares107. Youth Aged Mares113. Aged Mares118. EWD HUS119. EWD Equitation120. Small Fry HUS121. Small Fry Equitation122. Jr HUS123. Novice Amateur HUS124. Select HUS125. Amateur Hunter Under Saddle126. L1-Green Hunter Under Saddle & NSBA127. L1-Novice Youth Hunter Under Saddle & NSBA128. 13 & Under Hunter Under Saddle & NSBA129. 14-18 Hunter Under Saddle & NSBA130. Sr. Hunter Under Saddle & NSBA131. L1-Novice Amateur Equitation & NSBA132. Select Equitation & NSBA133. Amateur Equitation & NSBA134. L1-Novice Youth Equitation & NSBA135. 13 & under Equitation & NSBA136. 14-18 Equitation & NSBA202. Weanling Colt Futurity (138. AQHA Weanling Colts)203. QIP Closed Weanling Colt Futurity207. Wealning Filly Futurity (139. AQHA Weanling Fillies)208. QIP Closed Weanling Filly Futurity210. Non Pro 3 & 4 Hunter Saddle Futurity211. 3 Year Old Hunter Under Saddle Futurity212. Two Year Old HUS Futurity301. Trick Shot Hunter Under Saddle Maturity