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73. Level 1 Green Trail74. Level 1 Amateur Trail75. Amateur Select Trail76. Amateur Trail-photos77. Level 1 Youth Trail78. Youth Trail79. Open Trail80. Small Fry Trail80A. All Age Walk Trot Trail81. Small Fry WP82. Small Fry Horsemanship83. Open W-T WP84. Level 1 Green WP85. Level 1 Amateur WP86. Amateur Select WP87. Amateur WP88. Junior WP89. Level 1 Youth WP90. Youth WP 13 and Under and 91. Youth WP 14-1892. Senior WP93. Open W-T Horsemanship94. Level 1 Amateur Horesmanship95-96. Amateur and Amateur Select Horsemanship Combined97. Level 1 Youth Horsemanship98. Youth Horsemanship 13 and Under99. Youth Horsemanship 14-18104. Level 1 Green Ranch Riding105. Level 1 Youth Ranch Riding106. Youth Ranch Riding107. Level 1 Amateur Ranch Riding108. Amateur Ranch Riding109. Open Ranch Riding