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11-15. Grand and Reserve Mares11. Yearling Mares14. Aged Mares15. Performance Mares16-20. Grand and Reserve Amateur Mares16. Amateur Yearling Mares19. Amateur Aged Mares20. Amateur Performance Mares21-25. Grand and Reserve Geldings22. 2 Year Old Geldings23. 3 Year Old Geldings24. Aged Geldings25. Performance Geldings26-30. Grand and Reserve Amateur Geldings27. Amateur 2 Year Old Geldings29. Amateur Aged Geldings30. Amateur Performance Geldings34. Youth Aged Mares35. Youth Performance Mares36-40. Grand and Reserve Youth Geldings39. Youth Aged Geldings40. Youth Performance Geldings41. Level 1 Amateur Showmanship42. Amateur Select Showmanship43. Amateur Showmanship44. Small Fry Showmanship45. Level 1 Youth Showmanship46. Youth Showmanship 13 and Under47. Youth Showmanship 14-1853. Open W-T HUS54. Level 1 Green HUS55. Level 1 Amateur HUS56. Amateur Select HUS57. Amateur HUS58. Junior HUS59. Level 1 Youth HUS60. Youth HUS 13 and Under61. Youth HUS 14-1862. Senior HUS63. Leadline64. Small Fry HUS65. Small Fry Hunt Seat Eq66. Open W-T Equitation67. Level 1 Amateur Eq68-69. Amateur and  Amateur Select Eq70. Level 1 Youth Eq71. Youth Eq 13 and Under72. Youth Eq 14-18402. All Age Youth Showmanship Jackpot