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706 Tinsel At The Ryman708 Whizard of Dreams710 MDS Guns N Velvet712 Pale Guns714 The Greatest Whiz715 Sparkz Flyin722 Thomas Magnums 45726 Black N Boom727 Smart Dual Chic735 The Toy Story740 Spangled Starlight747 Ruf N Pretty749 Gunnahavacorona750 Mr Cromed Out751 SS Boom Roasted753 Pale Black Gun754 Chic Dunit 66756 Heshouldatoldthewife757 Magnums Cookie Dough758 Smartys Bea759 Blazin Justice762 Xtra Walla Doo763 SHR Sweet Sugar Joe764 Flyin Tha Red Eye765 Recoil766 Shiny Snowflake767 Magnums Rising Star773 Flinns Smokin Time774 Once Uponn A Shine775 Gata Ruf Snapper779 Wimpys Pic A Pistol780 Mega Starlet781 Conquistadortwizzler792 Starlights Gunman793 Hollywood Hype795 Sniper Whizout A Gun796 Jac Dun Made Shine797 My Name Is Nobody OK803 Spooked In Hollywood