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63. Level 1 Amatuer Showmanship64. Select Showmanship65. Amateur Showmanship66. Level 1 Youth Showmanship67. 13 and Under Showmanship68. 14-18 Showmanship69. EWD Showmanship70. Small Fry Showmanship71. Amateur Performance Mares72. Youth Performance Mares73. Open Performance Mares74. Amateur Performance Geldings75. Youth Performance Geldings76. Open Performance Geldings78. Open Performance Stallions86. 2 Year Old Stallion91. Amateur 3 year Old Gelding93. Amateur Aged Gedling95. Grand And Reserve Amateur Gelding100. Youth Aged Gelding101. Grand And Reserve Youth Gelding103. Amateur Yearling Mares104. Amateur 2 Year Old Mares105. 3 Yr Gelding106. Aged Gelding118. Youth Aged Mares121. Yearling Mares122. 2 Year Old Mares123. 3 Year Old Mares124. Aged MaresNancy Replogal Award