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41. Level 1 Amatuer Showmanship42. Amatuer Select Showmanship43. Amateur Showmanship44. Sm Fry Showmanship 11 & Under45. Level 1 Youth Showmanship46. Youth Showmanship 13 & Under47. Youth Showmanship 14-1853. Open WT Hunter Under Saddle54. Level 1 Hunter Under Saddle55. Level 1 Amateur Hunter Under Saddle56. Amateur Select Hunter Under Saddle57. Amateur Hunter Under Saddle59. Level 1 Youth Hunter Under Saddle60. Youth Hunter Under Saddle 13& Under61. Youth Hunter Under Saddle 14-1862. Senior Hunter Under Saddle and 58. Junior Hunter Under Saddle63. Leadline64. Small Fry Hunter Under Saddle 11&Under65. Small Fry Equitation 11 & Under66. Open WT Equitation67. Level 1 Amatuer Equitation68. Amateur Select Equitation69. Amateur Equitation70. Level 1 Youth Equitation71. Youth Equitation 13&Under and 72. Youth Equitation 14-1881. Small Fry Pleasure 11 & Under82. Small Fry Horsemanship 11&Under83. Open WT Western Pleasure84. Level 1 Western Pleasure86. Amateur Select Western Pleasure and 87. Amateur Western Pleasure88. Junior Western Pleasure89. Level 1 Youth Western Pleasure90. Youth Western Pleasure 13-Under91. Youth Western Pleasure 14-1892. Senior Western Pleasure93. Open WT Horsemanship94. Level 1 Amateur Horsemanship95. Amateur Select Horsemanship96. Amateur Horsemanship97. Level 1 Youth Horsemanship98. Youth Horsemanship 13&Under99. Youth Horsemanship 14-18