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17. Lead Line18. Small Fry Western Pleasure 12 and Under19. Small Fry Horsemanship 12 and Under20. All Age - All Breed Walk Jog Horsemanship21. Amateur Walk Jog Horsemanship Level 122. Youth Walk Jog Horsemanship Level 123. All Age - All Breed Horsemanship24. Amateur Horsemanship Level 1 (25. Rookie)26. Youth Horsemanship Level 1 (27. Rookie)29. Amateur Horsemanship30. Youth Horsemanship 13 and Under31. Youth Horsemanship 14-1832. All Age - All Breed Walk Trot Hunter Under Saddle33. JBF Open Walk Trot Hunter Under Saddle34. Amateur Walk Trot Hunter Under Saddle Level 135. Youth Walk Trot Hunter Under Saddle Level 136. All Age - All Breed Hunter Under Saddle37. Green Hunter Under Saddle Level 138. Amateur Hunter Under Saddle Level 1 (39. Rookie)40. Youth Hunter Under Saddle Level 1 (41. Rookie)44. Amateur Hunter Under Saddle46. Youth Hunter Under Saddle 14-1847. Sr. Hunter Under Saddle48. Small Fry Hunter Under Saddle 12 and Under49. Small Fry Equitation 12 and Under201. All Age - All Breed Ranch Rail202. Youth Ranch Rail203. Amateur Ranch Rail205. All Age - All Breed Ranch Riding206. Level 1 Green Ranch Riding207. Level 1 Amateur Ranch Riding208. Rookie Amateur Ranch Riding209. Level 1 Youth Ranch Riding210. Rookie Youth Ranch Riding211. Jr Ranch Riding212. Amateur Ranch Riding213. Youth Ranch Riding214. Sr. Ranch Riding216. VRH Youth Ranch Riding217. VRH Amateur Ranch Riding218. VRH All Age Ranch Riding222. VRH Youth Ranch Trail223. VRH Amateur Ranch Trail224. VRH All Age Ranch Trail225. All Breed Reining233. VRH Amateur Ranch Conformation234. VRH Youth Ranch Confirmation235. VRH All Age Ranch Confirmation301. Working Hunter All Age - All Breed302. Green Working Hunter303. Progressive Working Hunter305. Working Hunter Level 1 Amateur306. Amateur Working Hunter Rookie307. Working Hunter Level 1 Youth308. Youth Working Hunter Rookie309. Working Hunter Amateur310. Working Hunter Youth312. Equitation Over Fences All Age - All Breed313. Equitation Over Fences Level 1 Amateur314. Equitation Over Fences Rookie Amateur315. Equitation Over Fences Level 1 Youth316. Equitation Over Fences Rookie Youth317. Equitation Over Fences Amateur318. Equitation Over Fences Youth502. Small Fry Ranch RailRedneck ShowmanshipWalk Jog Ranch Rail