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1. Amateur Ranch Trail2. Youth Ranch Trail3. Ranch Trail6. Small Fry Ranch Rail7. Green Ranch Riding8. Jr Ranch Riding9. Novice Amateur Ranch Riding10. Amateur Ranch Riding11. Novice Youth Ranch Riding12. Youth Ranch Riding13. Senior Ranch Riding18. Nonpro Conformation19. Open Conformation20. Green Western Riding21. Amatuer Western Riding22. Youth Western Riding23. Open Western Riding133. Small Fry Walk Trot Hunter Under Saddle134. Small Fry Equitation135. Amateur Walk Trot Hunter Under Saddle136. Amateur Walk Trot Equitation138. Youth Walk Trot Equitation139. Junior Hunter Under Saddle140. Novice Amateur Level 1 Hunter Under Saddle141. Select Hunter Under Saddle142. Amatuer Hunter Under Saddle143. Green Hunter Under Saddle144. Level 1 Youth Hunter Under Saddle145. Youth 13 and Under Hunter Under Saddle146. 14-18 Youth Hunter Under Saddle148. Senior Huntet Under Saddle149. Level 1 Amateur Equitation150. Select Equitation151. Amateur Equitation152. Level 1 Novice Youth Equitation153. 13 and Under Equitation154. 14-18 EquitationJohn Ackerman Memorial Costume Class