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5. Performance Stallions11. Yearling Mares14. Aged Mares15. Performance Mares16. Amateur Yearling Mares19. Amateur Aged Mares20. Amateur Performance Mares23. Three Year Old Geldings24. Aged Geldings25. Performance Geldings28. Amateur Three Year Old Geldings29. Amateur Aged Geldings30. Amateur Performance Geldings34. Youth Aged Mares35. Youth Performance Mares35b. Grand and Reserve Youth Mares39. Youth Aged Geldings40. Youth Performance Geldings41. Level 1 Amateur Showmanship42. Amateur Select Showmanship43. Amateur Showmanship44. Small Fry Showmanship45. Level 1 Youth Showmanship46. Youth Showmanship 13 and Under47. Youth Showmahship 14-1853. Open Walk Trot HUS55. Level 1 Amateur HUS56. Amateur Select HUS59. Level 1 Youth HUS60. Youth HUS 13 and Under61. Youth HUS 14-1863. Leadline64. Small Fry HUS65. Small Fry Equitation66. Open Walk Trot Equitation67. Level 1 Amateur Equitation68. Amateru Select Equitation69. Amateur Equitation70. Level 1 Youth Equitation71-72. Youth Equitation Combined All Age113-117. All Barrels118-122. All Poles601. Open All Age HUS Stakes