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712 Pale Guns714 The Greatest Whiz722. Thomas Magnums 45725 Ruf and Smart726 Black N Boom727. Smart Dual Chic735 The Toy Story737 Ms Starlight Dun It740. Spangled Starlight746. Beeutiful Kick747 Ruf N Pretty749. Gunnahavacorona751 SS Room Roasted757 Magnums Cookie Dough762 Xtra Walla Doo767 Magnum Rising Star775 Gata Ruf Snapper776. Crome Plated  Hotrod777 Royalty Chexs780 Mega Starlet781 Conquistadortwizzler796. Jac Dun Made Shine797. My Name Is Nobody OK803. Spooked In Hollywood823. Who Dunit N Diamonds842 Customized Vintage